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April 3, 2012 – Day Four

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Day Four:

This morning we got up, got ready, then we all headed to breakfast. After breakfast we headed to the Lobby of the hostel and waited until our tour guide came, after he arrived we loaded the bus and took a long ride to a Special-Needs orphanage called Harmony House, where I met some of the most amazing children who I could not communicate through words with but by actions of love and just simply playing with them. When I first arrived at the house we entered in through the door and several of the children were in the living room playing. The nannies invited us to go sit on the couches and maybe even start playing with the kids if we wanted to. I just sat on the couch and within seconds I had a three year-old who had hopped in my lap, from then on the two of us were inseparable; she was either in my arms or pulling me everywhere  and pointing at things and showing me things. We took the children to a park where they could play and just get out of the house. After the park we took the kids to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch (which is actually really good in China). After lunch we took the kids home.  After being with the orphans most of the day we said our goodbyes until the next day and headed to the Night Market which is a street with an exotic range of food vendors. Some of the members of our group tried scorpions and silk worms(not me). After that we stopped to have dinner and head back to the hostel.

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